The Ins And Outs Of Pressure Washer Nozzles


Pressure washers are essential elements, especially when you have large surfaces to clean. When buying, they come in a kit with different attachments necessary for performing duties like concrete, floor, and truck cleaning. One of the attachments is the nozzles which are several in number.  They have different shades of color to help you differentiate them since they work differently. This article discusses the ins and outs of pressure washer nozzles.

About pressure washer nozzles

As a user, there are several things you must know about these tools, for example, the types, their uses, and how to choose the right one for your application. Let’s begin by discussing what they are and the types available below.

What are pressure washer nozzles?

They are responsible for creating pressure within the water. They restrict the water; hence it comes out forcefully as it hits the intended surface. The types include;

1. 0-degree nozzle

It’s red in color and is the most forceful. This is because the water comes in a single jet and doesn’t cover a wider range. It’s used on limited surfaces since the water force tends to ruin most of them. Another drawback is cleaning using the nozzle takes so much time, unlike using large volumes of water from a regular hose. However, you can use it to clean tough and stubborn dirt or any other component that other nozzles can’t remove.

2. 15-degree nozzle

It comes in yellow, and the water spray is angled at 15 degrees. The degree coverage makes it less forceful than the latter, meaning less damage is incurred. It’s suitable for removing dirt on surfaces meant to be painted or stained. Additionally, you can use it to remove dirt on rigid materials like concrete.

3. 25-degree nozzle

This pressure washer nozzle is green and is the most common. Its 25-degree water coverage is perfect for cleaning most surfaces. The water spray comes out with less force and pressure, so you rarely damage the areas you clean. The wider jet helps clean faster, saving you time and energy. You can use it to clean cars, furniture, driveways, and many other areas.

4. 40-degree nozzle

It comes in white and provides the most gentle spray. It’s the safest to use, especially on delicate or fragile surfaces, for example, glass windows, pots, and a car body, to keep the paint intact. You can switch to this wide spray when rinsing off soap or making a surface wet in preparation for actual washing.

5. 65-degree nozzle

Its usually black and is commonly used as a soap dispenser. This is because it has the most extensive coverage and lowest pressure.

Tips for choosing the best pressure washer nozzle

Before cleaning, always go for the widest pressure washer nozzle. Also, first, test it out on a small area in case of any damage. Know the tasks for each nozzle color and which surfaces you can use to clean with it.


Pressure washer nozzles determine the amount of water spray coming from it. Each is designed to clean a particular surface, so you have to switch them and attach the right one. However, you can go for adjustable ones which work for all areas. The nozzles are cost-friendly, but it’s vital to keep them in good condition for prolonged use.

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