9 Surfaces That Are Effectively Cleaned Using a Pressure Washer

9 Surfaces that are Effectively Cleaned Using a Pressure Washer

Nothing works better magic on dirty, greasy, and dusty surfaces like a powerful pressure washer. A good pressure washing machine is used for multiple purposes, including vehicle cleaning and restoring a filthy brown driveway to its former glory. Various videos circulate on social media platforms showing how an effective pressure washer works its magic or cleans surfaces. Most people find such videos immensely satisfying and calming, thanks to the mighty pressure washing equipment! Social media videos aside, the following are surfaces that are effectively cleaned using a pressure washer:

1. Home exteriors

Using a good pressure washer to wash the dirt off your home exterior will have people thinking you repainted the walls. Therefore, pressure washing can save you a few coins you would have spent in repainting your whole house. Brick and mortar home exteriors are the most popular surfaces that people like to clean using pressure washers.

2. Driveways

Driveways experience lots of traffic from vehicles and foot traffic. Therefore they are naturally prone to collecting all kinds of dirt and grease. A pressure washing machine coupled with a good detergent will eliminate the dirt within a short time, revealing a driveway as good as new.

3. Outdoor furniture

Homeowners can use a pressure washer to clean outdoor patio furniture made of wood vinyl or plastic. Remember to wash the furniture in an open space where water from the pressure washing machine won’t affect other people, animals, cars, or buildings.

4. Porches

Porches are prone to growing mold and mildew due to their prolonged exposure to lots of rain. Therefore, you need pressure washing equipment to effectively get rid of the dirt, mold, and mildew.

5. Pools

Swimming pools become susceptible to stubborn gunk stuck between the tiled surfaces with frequent use, especially during summer. Set some time to pressure wash all the gunk off at the close of summer, or hire professionals to do it for you.

6. Garbage cans

Give the garbage cans a once-over with a powerful pressure washer to remove germs, bacteria, and smells from leftover trash. Use enough water and suitable detergent to clean the interior for maximum pressure washing effectiveness.

7. Front Entrance Walkways and Stairs

Just like the driveway, front entrance walkways and stairs collect dirt and grime over time, making them appear dull. To liven up your curb, connect an effective pressure washer and get to work with a thorough scrub and rinse. In no time, your walkways will be sparkling clean.

8. Outdoor Toys

Individuals can use a pressure washer to clean outdoor toys like wagons, bikes, slides, and playsets. Experts recommend using the equipment at low pressure and with kids-friendly detergents to prevent damage to the toys.

9. Vehicles

If your vehicle had speaking powers, it would thank you after a refreshing clean-up using a pressure washing machine. A good pressure wash on the exterior will give your car a bright and shiny surface that will have people thinking you refreshed the paint job.


You can use a good pressure washer for multiple cleaning jobs, as demonstrated above. Before using a pressure washer on any surface, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Following the guidelines will prevent avoidable damage on your surfaces due to incorrect pressure washer use.

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