Stripper Outfit: Keep the Spotlight On You!


    Are you an exotic dancer in search of a nice sexy dress for your next dancing gig? Or are you looking to gift a sexy stripper outfit to a friend? If you fall into any of the category, you need to know what the dress should look like, how much it would cost, and a few other things.

    A great stripper outfit should be body revealing, and it should have awesome designs on it. Such dresses are not too expensive as they cost about $50 to $200, which makes them affordable for even a person who joined the business.

    In this article, you will learn all you need about striptease wear. You will learn how much they cost and why they cost that much. If you want to learn all these, keep reading this article.

    How a stripper outfit should be

    Some people can get confused about what striptease wears look like since there is no particular design for it. Although they are no special designs for exotic dancers’ dresses, there are things they must have in common. With these things, you will know the dress a striptease should wear. There are many things an exotic dancer dress should be like, but below are the most essential few.

    The dress must be revealing

    The main job of a stripper is to tease his or her clients from the stage with exotic dance moves. What better way can you to do this than to reveal sensitive body parts for these clients’ satisfaction? So, the dress the stripper wears must be revealing enough to do this job effectively, but complete nudity is not advised.

    The cloth should have fancy designs

    People love to see beautiful things and they stare even harder when it is glittering. This means as a stripper the design of your work clothing should be top-notch and beautiful enough to get people staring. This applies to male and female strippers.

    How much can you get a stripper outfit?

    Striptease wears are not too expensive, as you only need to save little cash to get one. However, the dress can cost a fortune if you get it from a famous designer. Usually, the price of a stripper outfit is about $50 to $200 from onsite stores and online stores. But, you can pay over $500 for just one striptease dress if your designer is very famous.

    Most people are at the peak of their stripping career would rather pay more for dresses for clout. Some beginners will get something they can afford and make the best out of it on stage.


    Exotic dancing is a profession for many people, and like other professions, you need a great outfit that suits it. For stripping, the dress has to be revealing, and its design must be top-notch. Striptease wears costs about $50 to $200 conventionally, but thee price is even higher when a famous designer makes it. As a beginner at the job, when getting an outfit, you should stay on a budget until you can afford more.

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