How to prevent necklaces from Rust


Whether you buy your piece from the most sophisticated crystal necklace store online or offline, it does not prevent rust in your necklace. Necklaces are made from precious metals, no matter how beautiful they look. Gold and silver remain the most common types of precious metals used to make necklaces. Although some metallic properties like magnetism are missing in both gold and silver, rust is a phenomenon that happens to every metal. In gold and silver, rust comes as a dark sign known as tarnish. Therefore, whether you have the most expensive gold or silver, rust is imminent. If you do not maintain the necklace properly, you may be seeing this rust quicker than usual.

Rust in metals is an absolutely normal phenomenon. You can not run from a metal rusting, but you can delay it for an extended period. If any part of your necklace starts deteriorating, you can begin to bid a farewell to the necklace, regardless of how much you love it. Rust in metals spreads exponentially; therefore, in no time, the whole necklace will soon look dull. Without proper maintenance, you can experience rust within a few weeks. But with the following processes, rust can be prevented;

Rub cream before wearing chain

Not many people know this, but your creams and lotion are the main reason why necklaces get rust. For people who are careful enough to remove their chains when going into a wet place, the next thing they do is to put it on immediately. Therefore, rubbing lotion and creams comes directly on the necklace while you are wearing it. This cream and lotions on the necklace will lead to rust.

Do not shower with necklace

As much as possible, try to limit how water, including your sweat, touches your necklace. Water is the main enemy of your necklace when it comes to rust. With moisture on your necklace, then there is a high chance of your necklace getting bad. Of course, because of marketing purposes, your necklace merchant will mostly tell you that your necklace is water-resistant. However, since most necklaces are made of metal, rust is inevitable. It is even more likely that your necklace will rust when you get it wet. Also, a common mistake necklace owners make is swimming with their necklaces. While your neck piece may be expensive and have a high worth, you should not swim with the necklace. Before you get into the pool, pull the necklace and entrust it into someone’s care.

Use a sealant to protect the necklace

Generally, metals have sealants that have already been designed with the purpose of keeping them from rust. These sealants come as a liquid that you either immerse the metal in or spray. There are also sealants available for precious metals like gold and silver. In many cases, the sealant for gold and silver comes as sprays, so you can try to use them. Already, a good necklace merchant should have the gold and silver necklace sealed, but since you need to continue to apply the sealant from time to time, you need to buy one.


After following the steps above, remember to store the necklace well and lean your necklace properly to avoid rust.

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