Natural Blotting Paper with Bamboo Charcoal; Eliminates Excess Face Oil without Harming Your Skin


Let’s face it with facts. Your typical day is complete when you have neatly done makeup, and you are worry-free with a few blotting pads sitting in your purse. But the environment can be extremely cruel. In part, it gets hot, and the sweat melts down your makeup. And when you think you have the tools to prevent grease and makeup cake from forming, the environment surprises you with dust and a myriad of other pollutants. So, as you go about your business of pressing synthetic oil blotting sheets on your face, you push other pathogens deeper into the skin unknowingly.

Your skin requires oxygen to breathe with ease. Oil and pollutants block the interface between the follicles and the oxygen, creating a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. It is when you start seeing breakouts and accelerated acne. At this point, you could be lifting an accusing finger on an innocent party, leaving the villain scotch free. Your blotting sheets took you on a ride by claiming to offer a lasting solution to your oily skin.

The truth is, it features plastic fiber laced with alcohol that sucks oil from your skin rendering it super dry. When in that state, your body begins to seek ways to replenish the lost oil reserves. It does that by producing excess oil that overwhelms your skin pores. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. Opt to go with products that favor your skin type. In this case, natural blotting sheets could be your best bet as it does the following;

Natural blotting papers use charcoal to lift face oil without disturbing your skin

Alcohol-based blotters are harsh to many skin types. They leave traces of irritation that manifest in acne or skin breakouts in most instances. While that is the case, natural blotting sheets come in as the best alternatives. They only attract oil and other impurities, leaving your skin looking adorable.

If worried, it might sap your sunscreen away just like the ordinary blotting pads; this is not the case. A good regime that mattifies your skin and lets the sunscreen sink is 20 minutes break between each action. First, apply the sunscreen and let it sit long enough for the skin to absorb before introducing a blotter.

Natural blotting papers with charcoal do not load powder or other ingredients that harm the skin

The powder is not every skins cup of tea. While some people report severe irritation after long-term use, others complain about severe dryness. It is not a malicious allegation because dermatologists warn against using powder daily. Aside from absorbing excess oil, prolonged use of powder can potentially expose the user to face powder poisoning occasioned by talc, an ingredient in powder.

It is where natural blotters with a touch of bamboo charcoal come in. The process of activating bamboo charcoal will fascinate you. First, the bamboo pulp undergoes a vigorous firing process To achieve the insanely high absorption ability. The charcoal then goes through a steaming process to further increase the activation. The final product is an amazing powder that sucks large volumes of toxins, smells, and moisture without hurting the skin—the reason why It passes for a skin cleanser.

Natural blotting papers laced with bamboo charcoal suit all skin types and gender

As the name suggests, it screams authentic without harsh substances. If your skin breaks out easily, natural blotting papers have your back. It does not pack ingredients that aggravate your nasty situation but works to restore moisture on your skin. Further, natural fiber offers a great way to refresh your skin because the absorption power knocks out bacteria and oil, ridding your pores from clogging agents.

Final sentiments

Natural blotting papers feature skin-friendly products. They adopt natural linen free from chemicals to go with highly absorbent bamboo charcoal, so you don’t have to worry about locking bacteria into your skin follicles. Dab the soft pad against your T-zones, leaving it for a while to draw out oil like a charm. The result will amaze you. It does not smudge your makeup but restores the glimmer and retains moisture.

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