How to Find a Quality Chandelier for Your Home


A classic way to elevate the look of your home is to add a chandelier. Chandeliers are a piece of luxury that brings an elegant personality to the room. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also amazingly functional.

If you are looking to add one of these classic pieces of chandeliers to your home, you are faced with a tough choice. There are several materials and types of chandeliers available today. You can find a crystal chandelier, a glass chandelier, and more.

All these options can make it challenging to choose the best chandelier for your room. If you face this dilemma, here is how you can find a top-quality chandelier for your home. Keep reading.

Point To Consider To Buy High-Quality Chandelier

Size of the Chandelier

The size of the chandelier is of utmost importance to get a quality piece. If the chandelier is too big, it can end up invading the space, and if it is too small, the piece will be invisible compared to the size of the room. In case of doubt, it is always better to get a chandelier which is bigger in size compared to the room than smaller.

The size also depends on the room you are opting to get a chandelier for. The size of this statement piece for the dining room will be different than the one for the living room because you have to keep it aligned with the dining table.

The general rule is to measure the room’s width and length and add the numbers. The diameter of the chandelier should be equal to the added number.

Light Intensity of Chandeliers

If you want to find high-quality chandeliers for your home, make sure not to focus on the lighting aspect. They are not the primary lighting source and are installed to create a cozy ambiance. You must not depend on the intensity of light to choose a chandelier and always supplement this piece with another proper lighting.

Go For LED-Based Lighting

You might think that chandeliers don’t come with LEDs installed and use only bulbs. This is not true in the contemporary world anymore. You can choose chandeliers with LED lighting options. You should go for LED-based chandeliers as a priority.

LED lights have several advantages over bulbs. They are reliable, last longer, are efficient, save energy, save cost, and even aid in designing the piece. This is because the LED lights are too small, so the manufacturers don’t have to worry about concealing them. So, they offer versatility in the design of a chandelier.

Vintage or Modern

The chandeliers of the vintage times used to be different. The materials used and the size all catered to a different era of home architecture. The wealthy houses were grand, so the statement pieces like chandeliers were big as well.

With smaller houses and ceilings cropping up, there are several options like crystal chandeliers built for lower ceilings. You can go for traditional-looking pieces with bronze finishes or a modern touch with a nickel or chrome finish.

Choose your option carefully to go with the rest of the interior décor.


A chandelier is not a standard piece of furniture. It is a statement piece. You should treat it as one. Don’t look for the brightest light but make sure you get one that complements your interior décor and the size of your home.

Some critical factors to look for are size, style, height, material, and the overall effect of the chandelier. Choose a good one.

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