How to get your prescription cat eyeglasses


When one talks about prescription glasses for cats, it is mainly mistaken as glasses that cats will wear. However, it is completely different. Prescription glasses for cats refer to eyeglasses with the cat-eye shape that have prescribed lenses used by people with eye defects. These prescription cat glasses may not be the most common type of glasses you will see in every optician’s store. However, they are usually beautiful and classic, so everyone wants to get them. With this guide, we will explain the best process for getting prescription glasses for cat eyeglasses.

Visit an optician

The first thing you need to do when you need any form of prescription glasses is to confirm by visiting an optician. Before you meet the optician, you may need to make some checks and confirmation on your own. You can easily tell there is something wrong with your eyesight when you squint before you can see. But you will not know the exact type of defects your eye is facing. With a few questions, an optician can guess or tell you the defect you are facing. In a bid to confirm, they will take their tests to know the extent of any defect.

Inquire about the type of lens

In any glasses, the lens is more important than the frame. The frame may be the one bringing about the shape that makes the glasses beautiful, but as long as it is a prescription glass, the lens is more important. There are different types of lenses that an optician may prescribe for you, depending on the defect and its extent. However, irrespective of lens types, the optician should be able to work it within a cat eyeglasses frame. Hence, you can get both prescription and fashion in both.

Inquire about the cat eyeglasses

Most opticians will offer a number of glass frames for you to choose from when you need prescription glasses. These frames are diverse because they fit different people based on their faces, shapes, and sizes. The cat eyeglasses are mostly fashionable glasses, and as such, only opticians that have an eye for fashion will have them in store. If they have, it will be seemingly expensive.

Check online stores

What you can do when you do not find the cat eye glasses online and take them to the doctor to help you fix the lens. This may sometimes be the cheaper option as some opticians will increase the price of their glasses too high because of the cat eye frame. While you are checking the cat eyeglass frame, remember to check the costs so you can create a budget, including the optician charges.


Social media and the internet make us smile and laugh when we see animals wear glasses. It may look or sound funny, but some animals require glasses to see correctly. While animals may need prescription glasses, humans also need prescription glasses with cat eye frames. We have explained how you can buy prescription cat eyeglasses the right way.

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