Here Are Some Access Control Parts You Must Know


A high-tech company that deals with various security products is Lintechtt Enterprises Limited. These products, provide services in the areas of banks, telecom, transportation, the subway, and parks. Lintechtt always develops new products while enhancing the numerous alternatives offered to customers’ conventional goods. You can learn about them more at

Lintechtt Focuses for ten years on card dispensers, passport scanners, and magnetic card readers. Products are used in the banking, telecommunications, transportation, park, subterranean, and hotel industries. Reading magnetic cards such as bank cards and membership cards, capturing passport data with a passport reader, and dispensing cards with a card-issuing system.

Access Control Parts List

Magnetic Card Reader

The Lintechtt magnetic card reader focuses on a hand-swipe-operated magnetic card reader with an integrated buzzer and RS232 interface. If the card data is accurately read, intelligent LEDs will warn you. Cards are protected from abrasion by the magnetic head, which produces great contact with them. Strong transmission resistance is encountered. It has High card reading performance, high-capacity implementation planning, and bi-directional card reading. The client is allowed to decide whether to enter a key between each track’s data.

Passport Reader & Passport Scanner

A full-page, multipurpose document scanner, Lintechtt’s passport reader and scanner can read and scan passports. For identifying passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, visas, and other travel documents, these passport scanners and readers offer the best solutions. Amazing advantages include Fast Reading in less than 3 seconds, it captures images in several wavelengths of light—visible, infrared, and ultraviolet—and is, above all, cost-effectively appropriate. It also has a wealth of integrated case studies and example source code for reference.

Cards Dispenser

For accurate card issuance, including for concavo-convex character number cards, Lintechtt card dispensers have a special transfer wheel design. It is easy to use, stable, and accurate when changing the thickness of different card types, and it is designed in a compact form to conserve installation space. It provides a high-strength, long-lasting engineer plastic card channel that ensures stable read/write performance on RF cards. Industry imagines a tolerable amount of cubing and decaying. The card dispenser from Lintechtt is ideal for any unfavorable environment, including high, low, and mushy dust, among others.

Where To Buy From?

Lintechtt is very proud to produce a high-quality product. To develop, re-market, or distribute items, Lintechtt is concentrating on studying consumer demand and receiving input from the factory. They have studied drivers’ licensed technologies, and in response to consumer demand, they focus on giving customers dependable equipment. Every product is rigorously tested and examined. They are confident in the strength and caliber of their goods.

Why Lintechtt?

Enterprises Limited by Lintechtt focuses on a card dispenser, passport scanner, and magnetic card reader. Products are used in the banking, telecommunications, transportation, park, hotel, and border access control industries. A team of skilled design engineers, a modernized CAD system, fully functional CNC machines, and a flexible, certified machining facility make up Lintechtt’s internal customer service and application engineering workforce. They provide high-quality items with a full guarantee.


A highly reputable corporation that guarantees the value proposition and manages the product orientation more beneficially is one that one must invest in. Lintechtt always ensures that the equipment they deliver to customers precisely satisfies their needs and will alter product design in response to customer feedback and specifications. Additionally, innovation positions businesses as industry leaders in the automation equipment sector.

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