7 Things About Pressure Washer You Should Know


A pressure washer is a beneficial machine that makes cleaning your home, cars, and other belongings so much easier. You can see those being used in TV shows or advertisements about how it cleans off the dirt from a vehicle with just a single spray of water.

Pressure washers are a great way to clean surfaces quickly and easily. But there are some things you should know before you start using one. When using a pressure washer, seven essential things to keep in mind.

The gas models are a step up from electric models in that they can be used for more extended periods without fear of tripping a breaker. They’re also more powerful and effective for more demanding cleaning jobs.

1. Don’t point the tip at anyone!

Never point a pressure washer toward people, pets, or property—even when you’re not using it. You can seriously injure someone by directing an attack of water at them—which is also known as hydro-blasting.

2. They can make quick work of jobs around your house

Please don’t underestimate the power of a pressure washer; they are great for cleaning grime off decks, driveways, and outdoor furniture. Just keep in mind that if you are working on the wood, you’ll need to be careful not to strip the finish or damage soft areas like paint near nail holes. Use cleaners specifically designed for your surface type (wood, concrete, etc.) for best results. Also, test cleaners in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface.

3. Keep pets and children away

The high-powered spray from a pressure washer can be harmful to people, especially young children or anyone with skin problems. It’s best to keep them out of the way while you’re cleaning and then wash your hands thoroughly after handling a nozzle—a stray stream could cause a severe burn if it hits bare skin.

4. Don’t use bleach on surfaces painted within the last year

Testing cleaners in an inconspicuous area before using them is always a good practice, but if you plan on trying out any bleach cleaner, make sure you do so well away from anything painted within the past twelve months. Bleach can damage or fade paint and eat away at the latex undercoating that holds color to metal surfaces.

5. Cleaning with a pressure washer is quick work, but it’s not a magic wand

Even a thorough rinsing may not get rid of all traces of soap or bleach from your driveway or walkway—so if you plan on repainting the surface, be sure to test out any cleaning solution first to see if it needs another washing before use.

6. Look for low-pressure cleaners

The best way to avoid injuring someone by directing water at them is to look for cleaners that have been designed to emit less powerful streams—they are easy to identify since they have 40° or 60° spray nozzles instead of the more common 0°.

7. Protect your surfaces with plastic sheeting or covers

A less powerful spray may be easier on surfaces, but it’s also more likely to have the tip bouncing off the surface being cleaned—which can cause costly damage if you’re working around cracks and crevices that are barely visible. To minimize the risk of expensive accidents, cover any areas that could be damaged by stray pressure washer nozzles or invest in a low-pressure cleaner head designed to make cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces safer.

Final Words – 7 Things About Pressure Washer You Should Know

When using a pressure washer, it’s important to remember these seven things, so consumers don’t inadvertently cause damage or injure themselves during use. They are also helpful when sharing information about safely cleaning different kinds of surfaces with customers who may be interested in buying one for their home.

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